November 23, 2007

ARTICLES / RADIO: 17-yr-old gives UP countryside its very own Radio Reotipur (INDIA)

17-yr-old gives UP countryside its very own Radio Reotipur

Anuraag-Singh Posted online: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 12:00:00
Updated: Tuesday , November 20, 2007 at 10:10:32
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*Reotipur (Ghazipur), November 20* There is no electricity during the
day to watch television, and the nearest cinema is over 20 kms away. But
Reotipur in Ghazipur district has its very own "radio station", manned
by 17-year-old Arun Kant Rai --- founder, chief, engineer, producer,
programme executive and RJ of "Radio Reotipur".

Broadcasting on a 12-volt battery from his room in Reotipur, this school
student has been meeting the information and entertainment needs of the
three villages of Tilwa, Gopalpur and Pakri here for about two years now.

Each morning, he sits before his improvised short-wave transmitter and
begins with the news bulletin, taking care to include the local news
while compiling it. After that, it is time for some film music. On
Sundays, there is a special programme --- the complete audio of a
Bollywood hit.


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