June 13, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival 28 June - 12 July 2007 Sheffield: UNICEF UK Award Nominations


PRESS RELEASE Date 12 June 2007




Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival   Showroom Cinema, Sheffield 

28 JUNE – 12 JULY 2007



Nominations have been announced for the prestigious UNICEF UK AWARDS, the only human rights film awards specifically for short films for young people.


17 short films on the theme of young people's rights have been nominated for two Jury Awards and for one Audience Award for best overall film in both categories. The films will be shown and judged during this year's Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival in Sheffield.


The Jury Award winners will be selected by local young people from Cube Magazine, NSPCC Sheffield Young People's Centre, Sheffield Young Writers' Workshop and Rawmarsh City Learning Centre's Grounded Project. 


Hannah Jones of UNICEF UK, said: 'UNICEF is very excited to be awarding prizes to film makers at this year's Showcomotion.  UNICEF UK's Youth Team gives young people the chance to take action on children's rights worldwide so we are particularly pleased that the prizes will be awarded to films about young people's rights.  UNICEF UK provides a platform for the voices of young people and this competition is a fantastic opportunity for young people to speak out on the issues that matter to them.'




The UNICEF UK YOUTH AWARD is the competition for young film makers aged up to & including 18 years.


Autism And Me  Dir: Rory Hoy (age 18)  UK  2007  20 mins  colour. Only people with autism truly know what it's like to be autistic: Rory Hoy, a young film maker with autism, lets us see his life with his own eyes.


Color  Dir: Pierre Bassil (age 14)  France  2007  1 min  colour. Two sisters create their own happy day in the park.


Third Person, Singular  Dirs: Miquel Forteza Moll (age 13) & Adrià Arbona Orero (age 14)  Spain  2006  15 mins  colour.  In Catalan with English subtitles. Pau has to visit the Educational Psychologist; as the drama unfolds we find out why. 


It Ain't Disneyland  Dirs: Martin Orton & Greg Villalobos  UK  2006  3 mins  b&w.  Stunning animation techniques are used to express the hopes of two young men campaigning for youth facilities on their estate in London.


Darkness Visible  Film Making Mentor: Chris Bradley  UK  2006  11 mins  colour. A documentary which movingly depicts of the thoughts, feelings and experiences of young people living with mental health issues; the five young people aged 15-17 who made the film were guided by professional mentor Chris Bradley.


Western Spaghetti  Dir: Joseph Procopio (age 12)  Canada  2007  6 mins  colour. The soundtrack of a cowboy movie inspires a boy to find his own song.


A Helping Hand  Dirs: Laura Sanchez & Guillermo Fernandez (age 16)  Spain  2006  3 mins  colour.  In Catalan and English with English subtitles. A poetic examination of the problems facing teens at school shows that with commitment issues can be resolved. Made by Ies Joanot Martorell Public High School near Barcelona.


Remix  Film Making Mentor: Navdeep Singh Kandola  UK  2006  20 mins  colour.  Being a teenage is all about finding your identity and being mixed race can mean being caught between two cultures; a documentary made by young people at Sheffield Multiple Heritage Service and produced by Sheffield Independent Film.


Practice Makes Perfect  Dir: Elsa Price (age 15)  UK  2007  3 mins  colour. The many ways to say hello to the boy you fancy at the party.



The UNICEF UK AWARD is the competition for film makers aged 19+.


Absolutely Afro  Kroeskop  Dir: Dorothée Van den Berghe  The Netherlands  2006  10 mins  colour.  In Dutch with English subtitles. 12-year-old adopted Hanneke is ashamed of her curly afro-hair so she decides to go to secondary school with a totally new hairstyle in this charming tale about belonging and identity.


When Elvis Came To Visit  När Elvis Kom På Besök  Dir: Andreas Tibblin  Sweden  2006  10 mins colour.  In Swedish with English subtitles. Taking place in a Stockholm suburb, this film details a small, but momentous, meeting between Lukas – who normally can't stand immigrants - and a young Iranian boy called Elvis.


Westi  Dir: Madevi Dailly  UK  2006  3 mins  colour.  Ben Westerman, aged 13 from Doncaster, wrote this film about himself and his feelings about his self-image for RAW CUTS, a joint initiative between Channel 4's 4Talent and the NSPCC.


Blood Sisters  Blodsøstre  Dir: Louise N. D. Friedberg  Denmark  2006  30 mins  colour. In Danish with English subtitles. Seven-year-old Sidsel has a best friend, Dea. But when a new girl called Caroline moves into Dea's building, Dea doesn't want to have anything to do with Sidsel any more. Sidsel tries absolutely everything to regain Dea's affection and a struggle to win back her friendship ensues. 


Emily's Song  Dirs: Thomas Kennedy & Frank Kelly  Eire  2006  15 mins  colour.  Fintan and Ralph have to put their quarrels aside and work together to help their father face the fact that although their mother is gone, they are still here and they need him to be here too.


Brain Damage  Dir: Cameron Duguid  UK  2006  3 mins  colour.  The second film from the RAW CUTS series, written by James Grealish aged 18 from Bristol, and based on his own experience, on the impact of violence on both the victim and perpetrator.


Dillon's Story  Dir: Kez Margrie  UK  2006  3 mins  colour.  A real-life story told by a child living in poverty in the UK; this animation by Bold Creative was originally created for The Wrong Trainers, a one-off special for CBBC Newsround.


Snakebite  Dir: Matt Pinder  UK  2006  9 mins  colour.  Seven-year-old Sammy is convinced that he has been bitten by a poisonous snake. He spends the afternoon diagnosing what he believes to be the first signs of his impending death. Once he is at home, he tells his parents of the tragic event about to befall him. Can his father come to his rescue?



For further information contact Helen Dugdale, Scribble 07780 614898 or Helen@scribbleaway.com

Images & PDF of festival programme available, photocalls can be organised on request.



Showcomotion is working with UNICEF UK to present new awards for short films on the theme of young people's rights. Film makers from around the world have sent in films for selection for two Jury prizes.  The UNICEF UK YOUTH AWARD is the competition for young film makers aged up to and including 18 years-old. Nine films are competing for this award. The UNICEF UK AWARD is the competition for film makers aged 19 years+. Eight films are competing for this award. There is also an Audience Award for best overall film from both categories.


Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival runs from 28 June to 12 July at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. Showcomotion, the largest and longest-established kids' film fest in Great Britain, is screening a total of 175 films from around the world including 101 films made by young people.  The fest will screen 12 features and 163 shorts from 23 countries.    


Most Showcomotion films cost just £2 for under 18s and some are free.  For full details see the Showcomotion brochure or visit the website at www.showcomotion.org.uk. Showcomotion is at the Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX Box Office: 0114 275 7727



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