May 9, 2007

NEWS / TV REGULATIONS: Reform of European television rules one step closer

Reform of European television rules one step closer
Cultura - 08-05-2007 - 05:05
The reform of the European television came one step closer when the Committee on Culture and Education decided on Tuesday to accept a draft second reading compromise reached with the Council presidency on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

The new legislation aims to update the 1997 Television without Frontiers directive, now to be dubbed the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, to bring it into line with new developments in audiovisual technology and advertising.  The Commission's proposal is intended to create a level playing field for public and private broadcasters and independent producers.  It also aims to widen the scope of the rules to include new media. 
The compromise reached between the rapporteur and the German Presidency includes the following decisions:
  • On the issue of product placement, the placement of a specific product would be allowed in a limited range of programmes, and then only under strict rules. Product placement would be banned in "news and current affairs programmes, children's programmes, documentaries and programmes of advice".  "Product integration and thematic placement shall be prohibited in principle." Before a programme containing product placement starts and when it ends, a special signal should appear. This signal should also appear before commercial breaks.
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  • There will be a special code of conduct towards children also fully integrated in the binding paragraphs of the legislation. The code of conduct should avoid for instance junk food commercials aimed at children.
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  • Procedure: Co-decision, Second reading -- Plenary Vote: July (possibly)

    Committee on Culture and Education
    Chair : Nikolaos Sifunakis (PES, EL)
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