April 23, 2007

Young Gambian Delegate Returns from 5 WSMC , UNICEF One Minutes Workshop

Young Gambian Delegate Returns from 5 WSMC Summit.

Banjul, 14 April, 2007 - By Alieu A Bah

The 5TH World Summit on Media for Children (5 WSMC) and the UNICEF One
Minute Workshop were held in Sandton City Johannesburg, South Africa from
March 19 to 28, 2007 on the theme MEDIA AS TOOL FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY. The
World Summit occurs every three years. This year, the underlying goals and
objectives are in line with the objectives of the World
Summit Foundation on Media for Children, the United Nations Millennium
Declaration and the priorities outlined in the Millennium Development Goals
and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Summit - launched in 1995 in Australia - offered a global platform
celebrating the rich tapestry of children's media Abdou Jatta, President of
Young People in the Media represented The Gambia and was accompanied to the
summit by Ms Begay Downes Thomas, UNICEF Communications Consultant.

The UNICEF One Minute Workshop gave the young delegates the opportunity to
write, film, edit and produce One Minute Video clips about their lives,
dreams, rights and fears. The Workshop also
equipped the young delegates with basic training in camera, story
development, editing skills as well as planning, participation and team

A broad range of themes and issues including young people's right to
expression, the role of the internet in teenagers' lives, the plight of
street children and personal creativity were explored by the
young delegates. And, participants presented their films and experience to
other child delegates at the opening ceremony of the Summit.

The Gambian delegate produced two One Minute films entitled Media Waves and
Article 17. Both of his films focused on children's rights to freedom of
expression, access to information and the mass media. The YPM president was
also accorded the opportunity to address the summit on the role of the young
people in the Gambian media. Other participants were from Israel, Colombia,
Nigeria and South Africa.

In his presentation, Abdou Jatta, said the media plays a major role in
global peace and democracy which can ensure children to make well-informed
decisions. He added that the media in The Gambia has always been vigilant on
issues relating to the rights and wellbeing of its young citizenry.

Describing the media as a `powerful tool' in the propagation of global peace
and democracy, he further added that the presentation or misrepresentation
of informations by the media can greatly influence decisions taken on behalf
of children.

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