February 25, 2007

NEWS: Zamoof! A New National Children's Magazine

FEBRUARY 23, 2007 - 18:31 ET  
Zamoof! A New National Children's Magazine
A children's magazine with a new angle, full of everything kids love but also designed to educate youth in making healthy & safe choices now and prepare them for their teen years ahead
Attention: Books Editor, Education Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Media Editor

KELOWNA, BC, NEW CANADIAN CHILDREN'S PUBLICATION--(CCNMatthews - Feb. 23, 2007) - Have you ever met a man who had the head of a moose? Some kids have! They are referring to Bogart, a talk show host in a new National Children's magazine that just released its first issue. Along with Bogart there is an energetic sports writer dog 'Crazer', skateboarding teen 'Blake' and 'Jessica' who flies around the world on a butterfly. "I compare the magazine's format with giving kids their vitamins along with their cheezies" says founder TeLeni Koochin of Kelowna, BC. "Its content is first fun and entertaining but has a strong underlying purpose and that is helping youth make safe and healthy choices now and the teen years ahead". Zamoof is for readers ages eight to 13 years. Along with fun pages, movie reviews, comics and stories, Zamoof features a regular editorial from the RCMP and promotes CRIME STOPPERS and KID'S HELP. Being a mother of four and teacher herself, when TeLeni came up with the concept of the magazine she knew she wanted education to play a major role. Many classrooms have already participated in the magazine from Atlin, a little town on the Yukon border, to Granville Ferry in Nova Scotia. "One of our features we are really excited about is our travelling Mystery story" comments Colleen Bates, School Coordinator for the magazine. It started in BC and a classroom from each province is writing the next chapter issue to issue. So, where did the name come from? Koochin comments "I figured it would be easier to make one up then try to think of something I liked. I knew I had it right when I tested it out on a few kids....it made them smile." The magazine is presently carried in most Chapter and Indigo stores. Schools are welcome to contact us to get involved!
/For further information: Photos can be found on our website at www.zamoofmag.com - Go to bottom directory under MEDIA INFO. Also see ABOUT Z! for more information or CONTACT US. /

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