January 8, 2007

COMPETITIONS: Filmaka Short Film Contest

Filmmakers from around the world have submitted their short films for
Contest 1 on Filmaka.com http://filmaka.com/ - a rolling online competition
where the top filmmaker will receive a feature film deal. The top 15
filmmakers for Contest 1 will be announced soon, and will each win $500,
plus $1000 to make another short film. Meanwhile, our second contest has
been announced and films are being accepted until January 29th.

Actors Colin Firth & Bill Pullman, directors Werner Herzog, Neil LaBute,
John Madden, Paul Schrader, and Wim Wenders, as well as other top producers
and financers in the film business are all on our jury panel, and together
with other members of Filmaka.com will decide on who will win a deal with us
to make their feature film.

Sign up to vote on your favorite films and help someone win a feature film
contract from Filmaka.com http://filmaka.com/ . And if you think you can
compete, submit a short between 1-3 minutes for our second contest and see
if you have what it takes to win!

Filmaka.com is accepting submissions worldwide in any language - enter
Contest 2 and submit your short by January 29th.


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