December 20, 2006

EVENTS: UNICEF Russia celebrates 60th Anniversary with children at Human Rights Film Festival

UNICEF Russia celebrates 60th Anniversary with children at Human Rights Film Festival

UNICEF?s birthday was ?Cinema on Guard for Children?s Rights Day? at the Stalker Film Festival, Moscow, this year.

On 11 December, more than two thousand visitors to the Moscow House of Cinema enjoyed a full programme of films about children, including the celebrated ?All the Invisible Children? produced by eight world-renowned film directors and first screened at 62nd Venice Biennale Film Festival.

UNICEF Representative in the Russian Federation, Carel de Rooy, addressed the opening ceremony saying ?Among the milestones during the 60 years of UNICEF?s  work I would like to mention the Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to UNICEF in 1965, the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the first-ever World Summit for Children in 1990.?  He went on to talk about another major UNICEF event which took place this year in Russia, the historic participation of eight children in the G8 summit. For the first time in the summit?s history, children met with the eight G8 leaders for a substantive discussion in St Petersburg.

UNICEF awarded prizes to the best three films made by young filmmakers from a total of over 130 films.

Katya Orlova, a young film director from an orphanage in Yaroslavl received a prize for a film called ?Arsenal of Hope?. At the award ceremony Katya said: ?A child in an orphanage does not have a mother, but has a dream. When we were discussing our film we thought that this dream is the most important thing for us and we made a film about this.?



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