November 11, 2006

RADIO: Botswana radio training helps young people speak their minds for all to hear

Botswana radio training helps young people speak their minds for all to hear

By Blue Chevigny

NEW YORK, USA, 10 November 2006 ? Thirteen children between the ages of 10 and 16 recently completed a radio production training workshop in Gabarone, Botswana. The workshop culminated in the making of a 12-minute programme covering such topics as sports, music and violence against children, and highlighting the voices and new skills of all the participants.

Radio Botswana, which airs several children?s programmes, has decided to convert those shows to child-to-child broadcasts using youth production as much as possible. The radio training workshop ? held in September, sponsored by Radio Botswana and supported by UNICEF ? was a step in that direction. 

Youth media production initiatives like the Botswana project reinforce the right of children to express their opinions and make decisions about the issues that directly affect them.


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