November 2, 2006

OPPORTUNITIES: MTV and StayingAlive are launching Vlogit

HIV and AIDS: we know it?s a global pandemic. We also know that if we want to see real change we?ve got to give everyone a voice.
MTV?s Staying Alive are launching Vlogit, a multi platform, interactive competition that asks you to get in front of a camera and talk candidly about HIV and AIDS. Regardless of your experiences we want you to speak out -- and help make change happen.
What?s a vlog? Essentially, it?s just a technical term for a video diary.
We will be providing video cameras ? for keeps - to the people who have the most interesting, original and frank experiences / thoughts to share.
We?ll be making a TV programme showcasing the best vlogs ? to be screened around the world and will also be running a huge online campaign ? This really is your chance to be part of something truly global.
In order to take part you?ll need to fill out our application form- there are two main sections to this?
Firstly? you?ll need to provide us with your personal details: name, age, where you live etc.
Secondly? and this is the important bit? you?ll need to tell us what you?d talk about. Make sure you keep it to 250 words but do try and include as much detail as possible ? after all this is how we?ll be deciding who gets a camera.
Before completing the application form make sure you have a good read of the terms and conditions.
The closing date for entries is December 31st 2006.
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