October 31, 2006




Take part in the Survive Style short film contest!
To be young in Europe ? A risky business? Mobility and migration in Europe.

For young filmmakers between 18 and 30 years from the EU, South East Europe, Turkey and Caucasus countries.

Step 1: Short Film Contest

Globalisation and migration have caused changes in the European landscape.
While the multicultural perspectives play a dynamic role in the modelling of
modern society, the boundaries are fortified.

?Survive Style? means the challenge to live in our fast changing European society, and wants to explore the different living and working situations of young people in any region of Europe. The freedom of travelling offers a lot of new perspectives, but mobility is not always chosen by the citizens themselves. How does mobility/ travelling/migration transform people?

What are your feelings about the situation of young people in Europe, and about your situation? How do you imagine your future working situation? How is your life affected by European mobility and migration?

Express your personal view by making a SHORT FILM on the topic:
Survive Style - To be young in Europe ? A risky business?

We welcome all different genres: short features, documentaries, animation and experimental films. All non-English-language entries must have English subtitles. Exceptions may be made for entries with little or no dialogue. Digital Formats: DVD, Mini DV ? up to 10 minutes are accepted.

Download the entry form [.doc] here or from www.kino5.net and mail it to survivestyle@nisimasa.com

All films must be received by December 15th 2006

Send your short film together with the entry form to:
After Image Productions
Goethegasse 1
A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Step 2: European Youth Film Forum ? March 12th - 18th 2007, Vienna

Among the submissions of Short Movies, 30 films are selected and the filmmakers are invited to participate at the European Youth Film Forum in Vienna and to present his/her short film. Travel expenses and accommodation will be provided for the invited participants.

Workshops and lectures held by film professionals on film theory and practices, production and film analysis will be part of the meeting as well as a Film festival and a Symposium on Migrant Film Works. A jury will award the best short films.

Some of the films among the 30 selected will be screened in the frame of Confrontations Europe's Tour d'Europe, during the Paris? conference, on the 25th of March 2007.

Contact and information: Kathi Posch, survivestyle@nisimasa.com

With the support of the Council of Europe. All different, all equal campaign

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