October 16, 2006

NEWS / TV / REGULATIONS: ABC prepares to launch children's digital TV service (AUSTRALIA)

ABC prepares to launch children's digital TV service
Marian Wilkinson
October 16, 2006
THE ABC is planing to launch Australia's first free-to-air television channel aimed at children as early as January following changes to the media laws.

Buried in the new legislation introduced by the Communications Minister, Helen Coonan, is a provision that allows the ABC to use its digital network for the first time to launch a new channel catering to children.

Until now, the ABC's digital network has been confined to low-rating programming including parliamentary hearings from obscure Senate committees and reruns of programs for political aficionados such as Tasmanian Stateline.

FULL ARTICLE AT http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/abc-prepares-to-launch-childrens-digital-tv-service/2006/10/15/1160850814494.html#

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