October 2, 2006

AWARDS: vote online for the people's prize - OneMinutesJr 2006

vote online for the people's prize

this year's competition will have an extra winning category called: the
people's prize. you have the power to decide who will win this category!

theoneminutesjr team thought it would a good idea to give you a chance to
vote for your favourite video of 2006. you can only vote on videos which are
competing this year, and not on older videos. starting from october 1st, you
can rate videos and create a new top 10. you can vote every single day for a
whole month, but only vote once on one video! the video that's on number 1
of our top 10 by november 1st 00:00:00 wins the people's prize and wins a
trip to amsterdam to attend the festival, a digital jvc camera and the tommy
award. so if you are taking part in this year's competition, or just really
like a video and think it deserves to win, tell all your friends to vote for
your video!!! good luck!!

more at www.theoneminutesjr.org


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