August 30, 2006

ARTICLES / NEWS: Youth Against Sudoku

Now, this one seems funny at the beginning, but for communication experts and media analysts, it has a highly interesting background. And it's also a good example of how young people can "make some noise".


Sudoku: Youth Strikes Back

Eino Korkala and other enemies of dullness are returning thousands of Sudoku puzzles from whence they came - Japan

By Leena Sandström
      When you see him sitting there in an Oulu cafĂ©, 21-year-old Eino Korkala looks pretty much like your normal student.
      But he is a Man on a Mission.
      Korkala is one of the founding members of Youth Against Sudoku.
The movement's manifesto begins as follows:
      In the year 1979, a new evil received its impetus. The world was ready. An Austrian architect designed a chart which was to be filled with numbers from one to nine. The Japanese became enchanted with the game in the mid-1980s. In the land of the rising sun the disease prospered, and within its nutritious soil it built up the strength to conquer the world. In November 2004, the time was ripe for the infestation of Europe. A British newspaper, "The Times", began to publish sudoku charts on a daily basis, and soon other newspapers followed its lead. In Finland the first newspaper to cave in was "Helsingin Sanomat", in September 2005.
      Sudoku. Will this mania ever stop?
      According to the manifesto, the movement's task is to root out the evil, for the swarms of sudoku puzzles "turn our world black and white, unimaginatively logical, and statically squared". 
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