June 19, 2006

TAKE ACTION: JUNIOR 8 & UNICEF's Voices of Youth - Information for young people around the world


JUNIOR 8 & UNICEF?s Voices of Youth

Information for young people around the world


For the first time in G8 history a children?s forum will be incorporated into the official program at this year?s G8 summit in St. Petersburg. The event called the ?Junior 8? meeting will be held in Pushkin, near St. Petersburg from 7 to 18 July 2006.  The main highlight of this event will be that G8 children will get the chance to share their views directly with the world?s leaders on 16 July 2006.


UNICEF is supporting the Government of the Russian Federation in the preparation and organization of the Junior G8 at which selected children from G8 countries, with inputs from children from developing countries through video-conferencing, will assemble to discuss HIV/AIDS, Education, Tolerance and Energy and other issues they think should be prioritized.  Gathering before the world leaders convene their meeting, the Junior G8 will continue through the G8 summit, allowing children to exchange ideas before they present their final communiqué to the leaders.  


UNICEF?s Voices of Youth has launched a Junior 8 website with the latest news on the Junior 8 2006 process at http://www.unicef.org/voy/takeaction/takeaction_2403.html .  In addition, Junior 8 participants and young people from around the world will have the opportunity to communicate with each other in a yahoo e-discussion group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/junior8russia2006/).


Background Voices of Youth

·        Voices of Youth, UNICEF?s website for young people, reaches adolescents and young people in 180 countries, more than half of whom are girls, and 60% of whom live in the developing world.

·        Over 14,000 young people have signed up to participate in Voices of Youth online discussion boards, and Voices of Youth receives around 10,000 visitors per day who spend an average of 10+ minutes on the site (100,000 page views).

·        Informed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Voices of Youth presents rights-related information in an interactive way in the ?Explore? section, allows young people to discuss these issues using message boards in a section called ?Speak Out? and highlights their projects and initiatives in ?Take Action?.  


Voices of Youth & Junior 8 2006

·        Voices of Youth provides you with the opportunity to know more, do more and say more about the Junior 8 2006 in St. Petersburg.   

·        In the ?Take Action? section, Voices of Youth features the Junior 8 Youth Meeting 2006 in St. Petersburg.  Check out the latest news on the Junior 8 2006 on http://www.unicef.org/voy/takeaction/takeaction_2403.html.


Take action!  Participate in an e-discussion on Junior 8 2006!

·        Don?t miss the opportunity to meet online with Junior 8 participants from the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States of America, Russian Federation) and young people from around the world at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/junior8russia2006/ to discuss the main themes of the Junior 8 2006 and other issues that are important to you.

·        If you would like to become a member of the ?junior 8 russia 2006? yahoo group, you can:

o       Send a blank (empty) email to junior8russia2006-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to request membership, OR

o       Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/junior8russia2006/  , click on ?Join This Group!?, set up your own yahoo!ID and password (or use your existing yahoo!ID),  fill out all required information.

o       Congratulations! You are a member of the yahoo group!

o       You will now receive emails from the Junior 8 email group and, of course,  you are invited to start posting to the list or send your comments on other posts. To post, address your email to junior8russia2006@yahoogroups.com. To reply to a message, simply click reply, write your comment and send the email to the auto-generated reply address. You can also access the group on the web (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/junior8russia2006/), change your settings there and/or post directly from the website. If you do not receive any emails from the "junior 8 russia 2006" yahoo group, contact the list moderator(s) at junior8russia2006-owner@yahoogroups.com.

·        The yahoo group will serve as interactive linkage space between you who are participating in the Junior 8 meeting in St. Petersburg and young people from other countries and regions. 

·        The yahoo group will be time limited (15 June ? 20 July 2006) and will only be accessible prior to and during the Junior 8 2006.

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