May 5, 2006

RESOURCES: New Film about Working Children's Movements - Taking Destiny inTheirHands

Subject: [ChildParticipationInMediaInSouthAsia] New Film about Working Children's Movements - Taking Destiny inTheirHands

Dear Friends,


The Concerned for Working Children is happy to announce its film "Taking Destiny in their Hands"


"Taking Destiny in their Hands" is the first attempt to visually document the relevance of the International Movement of Working Children and the central themes that it addresses.


The making of this film has been an exciting journey and a challenging one at that.  The film attempts to capture the essence of the rich history of the children?s movements in three continents that has played an extremely significant role in creating a widespread awareness of children?s participation and protagonism.  
The film gives the viewers a rare opportunity to listen to children's analysis of global problems, their strategies to overcome them and their call to adults and policy-makers to give them due recognition as social actors. It provides an overview of the long process that organised working children's movements of Africa, Asia and Latin America have undergone to create, initially, their own national and regional movements and then a united International Movement.


It highlights the struggles and successes of their participation in the international policy making arena. The ILO consultations in Amsterdam and Oslo; interactions with decision makers in Milan and Berlin are a few examples in the film that demonstrate how the members of the movement continue to make their voices heard despite tremendous challenges.

During the course of the 45 minutes film, children articulate their concerns and insights. They paint their vision for a just society and in no uncertain terms describe themselves as an integral part of the civil society.

Spanning three continents, and a period of over three decades, the film depicts how the similarities of the movements form their foundation and how their diversities bring rich nuances to their struggle. The title of the film has been quoted from the Mayor of Berlin, Harald Wolf's address to the International Movement in Berlin, and reflects how adults and those in power are increasingly recognising that there is much to be learnt from children's protagonism and its impact on the society.


Duration: 45 minutes


Languages:     English Version

                        Spanish Version

                        Italian Version


Direction: Kavita Ratna


Produced by: CIDA, CWC and the Italianats


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