May 23, 2006

RADIO / PROJECTS: A radio station was settled in the minor prison Lipcani, Moldova

SOURCE: email fr Centrul Media pentru Tineri

The first-ever radio studio in a detention institution from Republic of Moldova was inaugurated in the Minors Penitentiary, from Lipcani city. In the radio studio, named by young detainees ?Radio Teenager?, will be produced radio shows and broadcasts, informs Monitor Media Agency.   
The name of radio studio was given by young detainees during a training where participated 15 minors. They learnt techniques of producing a radio magazine that will consist of news, interviews and musical devotes. 
Justice Lieutenant Victor Rusu, vice director of Lipcani Penitentiary said that the first broadcast will be launched on 3rd of June. At the begging just a radio magazine per week will be broadcasted in the prison. Totally, 25 detainees are involved in media projects run in the last year in the penitentiary. A team of 10 minors edit the intern newspaper ?AerZona?, and other 15 will be involved in producing radio shows at ?Radio Teenager?, mentioned Rusu. 
Detainees Serghei Novikov, editor-coordinator at ?Radio Teenager?, mentioned that the radio magazines will be broadcasted weekly for 45 minutes or an hour, especially in Sundays.
?Radio Teenager? Studio is a part of the project ?Young people promote Youth Voices?, implemented by Youth Media Centre and Lipcani Penitentiary with financial support of UNICEF Moldova. Another component of the project is the intern newspaper ?AerZona?, edited monthly in penitentiary.
Youth Media Centre Director, Veronica Boboc, said for Monitor Media that the radio studio settled in Lipcani prison represents an intern network via which will be shared information for young detainees. The young journalists have digital recorders; their materials will be processed in studio?s computers and afterwards broadcasted, said Boboc.
At the end of October last year, minor detainees of Lipcani prison published the first number of the monthly newspaper ?AerZona? (that has 8 pages in A4 format). This is the first newspaper edited in a detention institution from Moldova. 
The only detention institution for minors in Moldova, the Lipcani-based penitentiary holds about 148 minors under 18.
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