May 25, 2006

PROJECTS: Youth Media Network from Moldova increases with other eight school newspapers

SOURCE: Email from Youth Media Centre Chisinau
Press release
23 May 2006
Youth Media Network increases with other eight school newspapers

The number of students and teachers, sustained by parents and Meyers that want a school newspaper in their school or high school is increasing.
At Small Grant competition for editing school newspapers launched by Youth Media Centre, participated 89 scholar institutions from 23 raions of Moldova.

Youth Media Centre in partnership with Institute for Foreign Cultural Relation with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany within the scope of the Stability Pact for South-eastern Europe announces the results of Small Grants competition for editing school newspapers.   

89 scholar institutions participated in the competition. The initiative groups represented 23 raions of Moldova, inclusively from Transnistria and UTA Gagauzia. 
The jury of the competition, comprise of representative from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova, Youth Media Centre, and journalists from professional media gave priority to the projects applied by young people from the Eastern part of Moldova and from UTA Gagauzia, this being an objective of the project. Also, was paid special attention to requires coming from communities that have no youth media initiative. During selection process an important criteria was the support from school administration or Local Public Administration; the number of readers and the presence of a computer for editorial team.

The grants, with a total value of 5600 Euros consist of technical equipment and stationary materials they need for newspaper?s activity for a year.

Winners at the Small Grant competition for editing school newspapers are the following institutions: 
- Theoretic Lyceum ?Evrica?, Ribnita (Transnistrian Region)
- Theoretic Lyceum ?Ion Creanga?, Cosnita,( Transnistrian Region)
- ?Stefan cel Mare? Lyceum,  Dorotcaia, (Transnistrian Region)
- Theoretic Lyceum from Chioselia Rusa,raion Comrat (UTA Gagauzia)
- Theoretic Lyceum from Cuhnesti, raion Glodeni
- Theoretic Lyceum ?E. Coseriu?, Mihaileni, raion  Riscani
- ?V. Cotofana? Lyceum from Chetrosu, raion Drochia
- Theoretic Lyceum from village Ciobalaccia, raion Cantemir
Young people from the winner school newspapers will be trained and involved afterwards in consulting programs, exchange activities with other young journalists. In this case, Youth Media Network will increase; in present it gathers 66 school newspapers, 27 school radio stations and six Radio and TV stations for youth.
Youth Media Centre supports youth media initiatives starting with 2004. Young journalists trained by Youth Media Centre became resource-persons in their communities, helping in inviting financial sources in school. Being involved in different media activities, the dialogue between young people and teachers, local public administration and parents became more efficient. The young journalists helped in informing their peers in human rights, health issues and in avoiding risky behaviours.
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