May 31, 2006

PROJECTS: Media projects: Behind The Camera

Media projects: Behind The Camera
By - 31/05/06
The Government is to invest £6m in media projects that provide opportunities for disadvantaged young people. Helen Gregory talks to three schemes already offering practical experience in the industry to young people.
Free pool and having somewhere to hang out if it rains might once have been a big draw, but now youth clubs have some pretty glamorous competition.

The prevalence of reality shows, blogging and digital TV means young people are increasingly media-savvy, and they're finding that media projects not only offer a good alternative to street corners or computer games but also teach highly desirable practical skills. These projects help feed youthful ambitions to find a route into broadcasting, journalism or behind-the-scenes production, and are also a great way to engage young people who might otherwise slip through the net.

It is a view that appears to be shared by the Government too. In last month's Budget, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced that £6m was to be made available to invest in media projects that provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although no further details have yet been released, one project that could benefit is YCTV, a London-based youth media project Brown has visited himself.

The project works with young people aged 11 to 25, offering courses and workshops in film production, operating, cameras, editing, scriptwriting, drawing and animation. The young people come from a local estate in west London or are referred by youth offending teams, refugee groups or outreach workers. Schools also get involved and children from one east London class came in recently to take part in a news day, and had to put a live news programme together.

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