September 2, 2005

NEWS: Sylvania: Grant hopes pinned on youth video (USA)

Sylvania: Grant hopes pinned on youth video

The Lourdes College Upward Bound program's "Stay in School" video may not be the hottest thing on MTV or VH1, but the students and organizers hope the encouraging message will reach other teens and win them a grant.

Lourdes Upward Bound students, made up of pupils from Waite and Woodward high school, got a taste of creating a video as part of a project sponsored by communications giant Time Warner.

Time Warner, in an effort to engage under-served youth in media and creative arts programs, supported a summer program that chose 50 non-profit organizations to receive an initial $1,500 "Summer Sizzle" grant to develop and produce a youth media project in writing, video, or multimedia.

The final products will be judged by Time Warner officials this month and six will be selected for special recognition and an opportunity to receive up to $3,000 in additional grant money from the New York-based media company.

The Lourdes group was one of roughly 50 organizations selected for the first $1,500 grant to produce a media project.

"We were absolutely thrilled with the opportunity for the students to research the advantages of staying in school and being a part of a creative project," said Kim Grieve, director of TRIO programs at Lourdes. "It has been a wonderful opportunity."

Ms. Grieve said 28 of the 50 students from the Upward Bound program participated in making the five-minute public service announcement video. The students decided to produce a video on the importance of staying in school.

Upward Bound is a federally-funded program designed to assist and encourage at-risk youth in completing high school and pursuing a college education.

To qualify for the program, the students must be low-income or potential first-generation college students.

The program also exposes students to cultural events, academic programs and other educational activities not usually available to disadvantaged youth.



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