September 2, 2005

NEWS: Media thrills chance for Bahraini youngsters (BAHRAIN)


BAHRAINI children, aged between 14 and 17, are being invited by the British Council to apply for a place in the Parliamentary Press Gallery of its Bahrain Youth Parliament Project, which will be launched next year.

The project is designed to provide Bahraini youth the opportunity to participate in the national youth forum.

One vital aspect of the Bahrain Youth Parliament will be the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

This will include eight Bahraini youngsters to represent the project to the media throughout the year.

"The Press Gallery is for young people interested in the media who want to acquire media training and the opportunity to gain work experience in the field," said British Council projects manager Sonali Thadani.

"There will be the chance to work in print media, television and radio," she said.

"Participants will be trained to write Press articles, interview people and to give interviews for TV and radio."

The Parliamentary Press Gallery members will attend all Bahrain Youth Parliament events in order to report on the proceedings.

The Press Gallery will then be responsible to circulate their reports to the Press in Bahrain.

The participants will receive training over the next few months so that they will be well prepared to perform their duties in 2006, when their role as Parliamentary Press Gallery members begins.

Bahraini youngsters able to communicate in English and Arabic and are interested in media and journalism are welcome to contact Ms Thadani 17261555, ext 225, to collect an application form.

The deadline is September 28. For more information, log on to

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