July 2, 2005

TRAINING: UNICEF Trains Myanmar Journalists on Child Rights, Reporting Group Drafts Ethics Code with Guidelines for Reporting on Children


UNICEF Trains Myanmar Journalists on Child Rights, Reporting Group Drafts
Ethics Code with Guidelines for Reporting on Children

Yangon, 01 July 2005 – Today UNICEF concluded a two-week training course
for 24 Myanmar journalists on international-standard reporting skills,
child-focused reporting and media ethics.

Participating journalists learned about the Convention on the Rights of the
Child, as well as pressing issues such as HIV/AIDS – areas where reporters
working inside of Myanmar can still make a difference in the lives of the
country’s children and their families.

The group of reporters concluded the training by drafting a comprehensive
code of journalists’ ethics, which includes a series of guidelines for
reporting on children – a first for Myanmar.

Most of the journalists are in their teens or early twenties.

“This training is important because it gives young reporters in Myanmar an
opportunity to learn more about children’s rights, ethics, and how they can
give a greater voice to children and young people in their country,” said
UNICEF Representative in Myanmar Carroll Long.

Since many journalists in Myanmar only have limited opportunities to
receive international-standard instruction, UNICEF began providing training
opportunities for reporters in 2004.

Thanks to financial support from the Swedish National Committee for UNICEF,
UNICEF is sponsoring a series of trainings for Myanmar journalists this

“Training is particularly important for young journalists in Myanmar
because it can increase their ability to help the country’s families learn
about measures that they themselves can take to enhance their children’s
health and wellbeing,” said Ms. Long.

In addition to training professional journalists, UNICEF will train a team
of teenage ‘youth journalists’ this year, and sponsor their placement with
select private publications to give children and young people a greater
voice in Myanmar language media.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) establishes that children
have the right to express their views and receive information on important
matters. Myanmar ratified the CRC in 1991.


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