July 18, 2005

NEWS: Dubai eGovernment provides training in key elements of media

Dubai eGovernment provides training in key elements of media

Jul 12, 2005 - 02:05 -

Dubai eGovernment provides training in key elements of media Dubai, 12 July 05 (WAM) -- Dubai eGovernment is providing training in web designing and news story writing to children participating in the sixth Kids Press Club, organized by the Dubai Press Club and sponsored by Dubai eGovernment. The Kids Press Club is designed to introduce children to the challenging world of media and journalism, and provide them first-hand experience of the functioning of these sectors.

Commenting on Dubai eGovernment's active involvement in the Kids Press Club, Ghazi Al Shoubaki, Community Outreach Officer, Dubai eGovernment, said, "eGovernment is pleased to extend support to the Kids Press Club. The programme will enable participants to gain a fair understanding of the functioning of media, advertising and public relations, as well as its possibilities and challenges, while preparing the ground for participants who might want to take up journalism or other media spheres as a future career." "The media remains the foremost opinion maker in society, holding significant say in the shaping of the social order. The advent of new media, in particular, has altered conventional definitions of the media, and has brought with it new challenges. Dubai eGovernment seeks to provide participants of Kids Press Club with a comprehensive knowledge of the concept of new media, including e-journalism, while educating them on how to effectively address the challenges involved," Al Shoubaki said.

"Dubai eGovernment is also imparting elementary training to the participants in web designing, in order to develop their IT skills and enhance their proficiency in the use of electronic tools.

The move is part of eGovernment's larger campaign to promote Information Technology and increase awareness about our various eServices," Al Shoubaki added.

The course content for the Kids Press Club covers topics such as Public Relations - principles and applications, defining media and their roles, the art of writing news stories and picture captions, web designing, photography, cartoon drawing, securing PCs and designing fliers, brochures and newsletters.

Alia Hamed Ibrahim, one of the participants of Kids Press Club, commented, "The programme has been an excellent learning experience.

I found the web designing course particularly useful, as it enabled us to learn how to make our own web pages, and helped us develop a better appreciation of page design and layout." Another participant, Tanya Kewalramani, said, "The writing course allowed us to learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs, and how to put it all together to make a cohesive story. Moreover, we were given various exercises to practice the techniques that were taught." The 20 participants of Kids Press Club, drawn from an age group of 10-15, are also being taken on field trips to leading media organizations to learn various aspects of the functioning of these organizations. More importantly, they will have the opportunity to organize a real press conference upon completion of the programme, where they can share their experience with the press.

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