July 29, 2005

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Dear friends,

July has been a hectic month! The Dublin workshop at the RTE campus was a
great success and the broadcasters meeting, which followed, turned out to be
a splendid initiative to start a productive partnership between 6 European
broadcasters and the oneminutesjr network. In this issue you'll find an
overview of all the broadcasting plans so you can see how our partners are
using the one minutes in their youth programming. So now that we have left
July and Dublin behind us, we are moving to August where the East of Europe
awaits us. Our next workshop is taking place in exotic Istanbul where the
skyline is studded with domes and minarets and where the Bosphorus links
Europe with Asia.


Raya Ribbius


In this newsletter a special overview is added to inform our network about
the broadcasting plans of our 6 European partners. This overview was
summarized after the Dublin broadcasters meeting to give more insight into
the different ways the broadacsters have used the one minutes in the past
and on how they will proceed in the future.

RTE wants to broadcast one video per week at 7 pm. Starting in September
they will broadcast the one minutes produced in the Irish workshop together
with a 15-second portrait of each participant. They will also select one
minutes coming from other countries. Until the end of the year RTE would
like to broadcast 30 one minutes.

RTP has broadcast the first one minute on July 11th. They will continue
broadcasting one minutes on a daily bases for three weeks at 8:45 pm after
the youth programme Sophie's diary.

In February YLE started broadcasting one minutes every Wednesday during
their youth programme 'Farmi' which has the target group 13-19. In summer
the oneminutes will be broadcast during 'Summeri'. After the one minute has
been shown, the host of the programme calls the maker of the video on the
phone to shortly interview him/her.

Early September they will start broadcasting the oneminutes between two
youth programmes from Monday to Friday. The videos will be shown at
different times during the week, except for the weekends. Rai3 would like to
broadcast 25-30 oneminutes to start with.

TV3 Catalonia
Early 2006, the promotion of the oneminutes will start on TV, encouraging
young people to create their own one minute. They are also planning to have
a slot in their televised programme featuring videos from both Catalan
participants and those from other countries.

From January 2005 SVT showed 8 oneminutes. At the BUFF Festival in Malmo,
SVT organized a mini oneminute competition with all the Swedish oneminutes


Dublin, Ireland
This article on the oneminutesjr workshop in Dublin was written by David
Cameron who is a poet, novelist, and critic and works freelance for the
European Cultural Foundation. He was present at the workshop for two days to
get a glimpse of the dynamics of it all.

The Irish broadcaster RTE hosted a One Minutes Junior workshop at its Dublin
base between Monday 4th and Friday 8th July. The twelve participants who
completed the course produced fourteen one-minute movies of astonishing
variety and immediate impact.

Mia McCarthy and June Murphy of RTE's youth programming department organised
the workshop. Mia identified interested young people who would be likely to
benefit from the oneminutesjr experience, approaching youth resource
services in two socially deprived areas of Dublin, as well as (among other
organisations) the Separated Children's Project, the Irish Refugee Council,
the Galway Film Fleadh, the Irish Film Institute, and Dublin's Clonskeagh
Mosque. The eventual selection mirrored the multiethnic diversity of modern
Ireland. It also brought together individuals of energy and vision who made
excellent use of the video cameras that were theirs for the week.

The one-minute movie is a creation of Holland's Sandberg Institute, and two
ex-Sandberg students, Michal Butink and Marissa Evers, talked the young
participants through the one-minute concept, prompting them to uncover
stories and ideas within themselves and offering them the means to express
these. Michal and Marissa were assisted by ECF staff member, Raya Ribbius.
Media consultant Marion Vargaftig was also present to ensure a smooth
collaboration between RTE, the ECF and the two facilitators.

Other than its broad multicultural backdrop, there was on this occasion no
specific theme to the workshop, and the subject-matter of the one-minutes
covered a staggering range of issues and emotions, including the impact of
AIDS on African societies, the personal impact of a close friend's tragic
suicide, the healing power of music, Dublin's constantly changing cityscape,
and Islamic wedding customs. Comedy was also very much on display, as
indicated by such titles as 'Monkey Business' and 'The Pink Ponce'. A
highlight of the week was the making and screening of a surprise video to
celebrate the birthday of one of the participants, Aron Tansey. RTE plans to
broadcast the one-minutes (accompanied by a 15-second portrait of each
maker) from September. Once they have been broadcast, the one-minutes will
be available for viewing at the website www.theoneminutesjr.org.

RTE is just one of a number of major European broadcasters to have become
involved in the oneminutesjr network, excited by its potential as a platform
for youth expression and cross-border communication. In Dublin on Saturday
9th July, a landmark meeting prepared by Marion Vargaftig on behalf of the
ECF brought together six European broadcasters to discuss their future
involvement in the network as well as the more general issue of young people's
participation in broadcasting.

Participants and their One-minutes
Patience Akpoyouvuobor - 'Music is the Key'
Emmanuele Ambe - 'Monkey Business' & 'The Chase'
Barry Gibbons - 'An Caiteoir'
Johnson Godwin - 'I'm Feeling Good' & 'Nobody's Fault
Declan Hurley - 'Half Empty' & 'Escape'
Joey Ingersoll - 'The Only Constant is Change'
Jamie Kelly - 'Monkey Business' & 'The Chase'
Ruby Mogale - 'What Have We Done?' & 'Welcome Home'
Sarah Ben Mohammed - 'Bon Marriage'
Roumaissa Slami - 'Bon Marriage'
Aron Tansey - 'The Pink Ponce' and 'Escape'
Afolabi Yisa - 'Gangsta Wedding'

Istanbul, Turkey
The workshop in Istanbul is being organized by Kolektif, a Turkish art
institution, in cooperation with the European Cultural Foundation in
Amsterdam and the Sandberg Institute. Kolektif will be organizing the
workshop locally and has found the Robert College ready to host all the
participants. It will be a residence workshop so all the kids will sleep
together in this college. UNICEF Turkey will recruit the 15 young people
(13-16 years old) from underprivileged families all coming from Istanbul.
The 6-day lasting workshop will be facilitated by two Dutch video artists,
Persijn Broersen en Margit Lukacs, who will bring all necessary equipment
(camera's, laptops, etc.) so the youngsters can start working on their
videos. The aim of the workshop is to give unprivileged youngsters the
chance to speak up and make their voice heard by a broad audience.

Un Minuto por mis Derechos
The One Minute for My Rights/Un Minuto por Mis Derechos initiative continues
to grow in Latin America and the Caribbean. Several UNICEF offices have
formed partnerships with local youth and media-oriented NGOs and are
beginning to organize workshops with teenagers. Following the Suriname
workshop in May - supported by trainers from the Sandberg Institute -
Caribbean countries are planning One Minute workshops with young people who
are involved in the Xchange project, a movement engaging
adolescents in artistic and cultural activities as a vehicle for finding
alternatives to growing violence and for promoting healthy life-styles and
responsible citizenship. The project is well advanced in Argentina and
moving forward in Colombia and Nicaragua. A regional partnership between
UNICEF and MTV Latin America is moving ahead, and will feature four
workshops with young people and on-line and on-air broadcasting by MTV of
the best One Minutes in two categories: stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and
young people's rights. A related initiative will see university students
collaborating with MTV producers and UNICEF on the production of Public
Service Announcements about HIV/AIDS and related issues.

A word of recognition and acknowledgement: the OneMinutesJr initiative in
Europe and Central Asia is a real inspiration for everyone building the
project in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are all very grateful to the
European Cultural Foundation, the Sandberg Institute and the UNICEF CEE/CIS
Regional Office - and especially to the young movie-makers across
the region - for all the terrific work you have done. The videos produced in
Europe and Central Asia are quite extraordinary, showing enormous
creativity, personal, artistic and social insight. We are showing them in
Latin America and the Caribbean as an example of what young people can do if
given a little support and encouragement. So a global movement of young
people using the new digital technologies to express themselves and promote
social change is growing. We are delighted to be able to contribute to it.

TRAINING: UNICEF and Yangi Avlod train children in Uzbekistan
UNICEF Uzbekistan, in cooperation with the National Children's Media Club
"Yangi Avlod" ("New Generation"), conducted a 5-day training for young
journalists from June 22-26, 2005 in the Bustanlik District of the Tashkent
Region at the Children's Summer camp "Semurg".

20 children aged 12-18 from the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent and
Sirdarya disctricts participated in the training which was dedicated to the
International Day Against Drugs Abuse.
16 OneMinutesJr related to drugs and HIV/AIDS were produced at the training.
"Yangi Avlod"-member Yayraxon Pulatova won the grand prize of the
competition with her video spot called "Garbage" and was awarded with
digital photocamera.

The children were trained in creating one minute spots, audio-video editing
and computer graphics, writing articles (guidelines for these were provided
by UNICEF, Communication Unit). UNICEF will use the produced materials in
external advocacy meetings on the above-mentioned themes, joint UN and media
events, training seminars and other programmes and communication-related

For more information, please contact Adiba Ziyavuddinova, Assistant
Communication Officer (UNICEF Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Tel. +998 71 1339512,
or email: aziyavuddinova@unicef.org

One Minute Film & VideoFestival in the Czech Republic
The festival will take place from Agust 19 - 21 in Aarau and will showcase
some one minutes made by juniors.

These are the ones they selected:
Sleeping at the orphanage by Tatiana Panait
Chalkpainting by Narineh Daneghyan
Lost communication by Eric Gustafsson
Untitled by Vangel Hristov
Blip! by Vilhelmina Szpiro

17th November - 3rd December 2005

Cinemagic is an international film festival for young people based in
Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was established in 1989 and over the years has
developed a worldwide reputation for excellence in children´s programming
and is currently the biggest award-winning children´s film festival in Great
Britain and Ireland.

The 17-day festival includes international film screenings, big movie
premieres, special guests, discussions, competitions and masterclasses in
all aspects of filmmaking.

Cinemagic is a competitive festival with prizes for:
* best feature and best short film for a teenage audience ¬ judged by a jury
of young people aged 13-18
* best feature and best short film for a children's audience ¬ judged by a
jury of young people aged 8-12

Films made within the years 2003-2005 are eligible for competition. We are
interested in all types of films and programmes for children and young
people from preschool through to young adult.

To enter, just send a VHS preview cassette (PAL or NTSC) or DVD, either in
English or with English subtitles, and a completed entry form to:

Chris Shaw, Festival Programmer
49 Botanic Avenue
Belfast BT7 1JL
Northern Ireland

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS 31st JULY 2005. All entries will be judged by a
previewing committee. Successful entrants will be notified by 20th September

For more information
email: chris@cinemagic.org.uk
tel: +44 (0)28 90311900
web: www.cinemagic.org.uk

August 18-21, 2005

maximum duration)

Faucet Media Arts Centre is seeking submissions of short film and video to
be screened at its first annual media arts festival. The festival will
showcase Canadian and international artists work in film, video, audio and
new media. This call is specifically for short film & video, of any genre
(animation, documentary, experimental, video art, drama etc.), for a
single screening. Artist Fees will be paid.

Please Submit work on DVD, Mini-DV or VHS (NTSC)
Note: Due to our constraints submission copies will be used for the
screening if selected.

Submissions should include a brief synopsis, title, duration, year created
and contact information. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope if
you would like your submission returned.

Faucet Media Arts Centre & Struts Gallery
7 Lorne Street
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
E4L 3Z6

Email: faucet@strutsgallery.ca
Phone: 506 536 1211 Web:
website: www.strutsgallery.ca/faucet.html

An interview with.....
do you consider yourself a professional video maker by now or have you just
created a one minute film for fun and would like to learn more about video
making? if you can tell us why you are interested in our project, you are
the one we are looking for! are you ready to answer some questions? if you
are we will place your interview and picture on our homepage or newsletter
so all our website visitors can see and hear you. so email raya ribbius with
your answers on the questions written on the website and don't forget to add
a picture! looking forward to hearing from you...

Meet Sarah Ben Mohamed who made a one minute about the beauty of a typical
Arab wedding. She took part in the Dublin workshop and her video will be
online in September.

Who are you?
I am Sarah Ben Mohamed and am 16 years old. My mother is Irish and my father
comes from Tunisia, but I was born in London. At the moment I am a student
in Dublin.

How did you become involved with the one minute programme?
Through my youth club.

What is the thought behind your one minute film?
Love for music, dance, life and culture. So I combined a video rich in every

Why do you like film making?
I like making video's because you can explore your own imagination and
creativity and you learn something new almost every minute.

What are your future plans?
My mother realy wants to write her life story (auto-biography)and I would
like to make it into a film. I would like to produce it.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this
newsletter, please write to raya@theoneminutesjr.org we would really
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make every issue more exciting.

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