June 13, 2005

PROJECTS: TV Producers Training HIV/AIDS In Benin

TV Producers Training HIV/AIDS In Benin
08-06-2005 (UNESCO)

Eleven young television producers representing eight countries in Francophone West Africa embarked on a pilot networking and television programme exchange project yesterday in Cotonou, Benin.

This is the second African workshop to take place under the title "You, Me and HIV/AIDS" as part of the Global Network for Young TV Producers on HIV/AIDS project.

The objective of the workshop is to increase young people?s involvement in producing high quality television productions that reflect the challenge and the positive spirit of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

?The producers, aged 22 to 30, have good skills in television production but require much improvement in understanding HIV/AIDS,? said Guido Welkenhuizen, lead trainer and executive producer at the Conseil International des Radios-Télévisions d'expression française (CIRTEF). ?Through this workshop, we will review films that have been produced by the trainees themselves in the presence of an expert group -- one male and one female medical doctor, and a person living with HIV. We shall discuss rumours and taboos and will point out where these should be replaced by by accurate and scientific information.?

The young producers will work on their individual scripts under the supervision and guidance of the executive producer and the expert group. They are mainly from broadcasting organizations and have previously been engaged in documentary programmes on HIV/AIDS.

This and subsequent workshops are expected to result in a Global Network of Young TV Producers on HIV/AIDS -- to share a common vision, exchange productions, and demonstrate young people?s leadership in fighting the pandemic through public service broadcasting.

The countries involved in Francophone West Africa?s You, Me and HIV/AIDS workshop include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d?Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo.

Supported by UNESCO, the workshop is being implemented by CIRTEF in collaboration with the Matériel éducatif pour la santé (MEPS) and the Central Hospital of Cotonou (6 to 11 June 2005).
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