June 16, 2005

INTERVIEWS: Brazil 2004 - 4th Summit on Media for Children & Adolescents - one year on!!!


4th World Summit: one year later

In April 2004, Rio de Janeiro hosted the 4th World Media Summit for Children and Adolescents, one of the most important events on the subject ever held in Latin America. The encounter brought together some 3,000 participants from 70 countries. Another 2,000 accompanied the major discussions in real time via the Internet. Around 300 journalists from Brazil and abroad covered the proceedings. And 150 teenagers from 40 countries attended to debate the challenges of securing quality media.

A year later, much has happened, say the participants. Regional events were set in motion, research and study centres set up and, what is more important, the discussion of quality media for children and teenagers has entered the order of the day, society's agenda.

On April 22, 2005, MULTIRIO's president and overall coordinator of the Summit, Regina de Assis, was interviewed by Sidney Rezende of Rádio CBN, to talk about developments from the 4th Summit.

In the interview, Regina de Assis underlined a series of measures that bore fruit at the 4th Summit and she described what MULTIRIO has been doing to pursue the debate. Read the (edited) transcription of the interview below.

Sidney Rezende ? I am going to talk to the president of MULTIRIO and overall coordinator of the 4th World Media Summit for Children and Adolescents, Professor Regina de Assis. MULTIRIO is commemorating the first anniversary of the World Media Summit, which was a spectacular success. Among other things, it led to the setting up of RIO MÍDIA, the International Reference Centre on Media for Children and Adolescents. Professor, good morning!

Regina de Assis ? Good morning, Sidney. It's a very great pleasure to talk to you and your listeners, particularly today.

Sidney Rezende ? I had the pleasure of accompanying the efforts you all made in bringing the event together when the idea was just beginning to materialize. It really was a great encounter. And what is so interesting is that it connected up Rio de Janeiro with a series of other capitals and countries. The event attained that international dimension.

Regina de Assis ? The success of the 4th Summit was unprecedented. After the conference, several other events were held around Brazil, even in the Amazon. All were supported by Rio Mídia, which is an International Reference Centre on Media for Children and Adolescents, that we set up during the Summit. Overall, the Summit stirred a major movement in pursuit of quality in television, radio, Internet sites, electronic games and everything that is done for children and adolescents in Brazil and around the world. Another major development commemorated by us at MULTIRIO was the launching of a TV programme ? which you can be sure you will be taking part in ? called Meet the Media (Encontros com a Mídia). We shall be interviewing experts, producers, researchers and the general public to talk about the right of children and teenagers to quality media.



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