April 21, 2005

PROJECTS: Bei uns, bei euch - Inter-cultural film project for young people (JAPAN & GERMANY)

SOURCE: http://www.beiuns-beieuch.de/english.php

The Project

"NRW / Japan ? My view... Your view?" is a multicultural media project for kids and teenagers which ? along with other activities from the German Land North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) ? takes place on the occasion of the Year of Germany in Japan 2005/2006 (dinjpn.nrw.co.jp). In NRW the Project will be run by the ecmc European Centre for Media Competence GmbH (www.ecmc.de) on behalf of the State Chancellery NRW (www.nrw.de). On the Japanese side, the Nippon Carl Duisberg Association (www.ncdg.jp) will be in charge of this competition.

The Concept

How do you spend your Saturday evenings? What do you have for breakfast? How is your way to school like? What kinds of music do you like?

In the frame of the media project questions like these could be asked by children and teenagers in form of 1-minute film contributions. Participants from North Rhine-Westphalia and Japan report about everyday situations and traditions from their home country and call on kids and teenagers from the respectively other country to describe ? again in form of a 1-minute film ? the presented situation from their own perspective.

On the website www.beiuns-beieuch.de all contributions will be presented and visitors will be invited to view, participate and exchange. The best films will be awarded on the final event of the competition in December 2005.

How does a film contribution look like?

Content and Design of all film contributions should...

  • pick up an optional theme from the everyday life of kids and teenagers in NRW or Japan,
  • have a maximum duration of 1 minute,
  • have a certain structure: They start with an introduction ("Who made the film?"), show what it is all about ("My view....) and ask a specific question ("Your view?"). (If the film contribution is an answer to a previous question, no further question will be posed.)
  • be comprehensible for Germans without any knowledge of Japanese and for Japanese without any knowledge of German.

Who can participate?

(a) Creative media groups, committed individuals or classes from secondary schools in NRW and Japan who are interested in posing an interesting question or submitting a good answer in form of a 1-minute film contribution.

(b) Furthermore cultural and educational establishments, companies as well as institutions are cordially invited to support the whole project and the media work of the participating groups.

How is the time schedule?

Kids and Teenagers who would like to participate register at www.beiuns-beieuch.de. All submitted film contributions will be evaluated by a Japanese-German Jury. The best films will be awarded on the competition platform NRW: NEUES LERNEN (www.nrw-neueslernen.de) in December 2005. In Japan, the Nippon Carl Duisberg Association (www.ncdg.jp) will decorate outstanding contributions to the competition.

More information is available at the project offices in NRW and Japan.

IN GERMAN:        http://www.beiuns-beieuch.de/

IN JAPANESE:     http://www.japan-nrw.jp/

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