April 29, 2005

ONLINE VOTE: "Make a difference" One minute video contest!

"Make a difference" One minute video contest! -

Watch the videos of the 10 semi-finalists from the global Make a difference!
video contest. After you have watched all 10, cast your vote for the 3
finalists! Who is going to be the winner?

You must be a registered member of Voices of Youth to vote. If you are not a
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Project Think Different
Producer: Garreth J. Middlebrook
Country: United States of America

Make a Difference
Producer: Ndizeye Janvier
Country: Burundi

We, Young People
Producer: Matus Krajnak, Gabriela Marcinkova
Country: Slovakia

No Matter Who
Producer: Olga Chimirciuc
Country: Moldova

Youth of the World, Youth for the World
Producers: Eleonora Veninova & Ivana Bidikova
Country: Macedonia

Juventudes MIRA
Producer: Movimiento MIRA
Country: Colombia

Sam and John
Producer: 4 kids from Australia
Country: Australia

One for all
Producer: Bro'siz
Country: Kenya

Vanaja's Story
Producer: The Concerned for Working Children (CWC)
Country: India

Operation Traffic Light
Producer: Olivia Cha
Country: United States of America


These are the judges who helped us with the selection of the Top 10 videos
that are now open for the global online vote:

Youth judges: Shayan Khiro & Juhanah Pimping
Youth judges: Tsz Wong & Marisha Naz
Youth judges: Limpo Chinika & Natália Saliés
Youth judges: Denis Stepura & Zuhur Yassin
Adult judges: Jim Chabin & Stephen Cassidy
Adult judges: Ursula von Zallinger & Essie Chambers
Adult judges: Frode Hoejer Pedersen & Bernardita Prado

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Questions & comments are welcome any time!

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