March 31, 2005

YOUTH ARTICLES: Keen on radio journalism at thirteen years only (MOLDOVA)

This article was sent to me by Laura Bohantov, an 18 year old volunteer and young journalist from the Youth Media Centre in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova - she asked me to put it out to the list members.


Do you have more examples like this from wherever you are? Let's see them!!!



Keen on radio journalism at thirteen years only


Tatiana Toporoschi is thirteen. She has been involved in the activities of the Radio Studio ?Voices of the Youth? from the Republic of Moldova for half a year.


The initiation. Her initiation in journalism took place in the fourth form, when she had the idea to publish a newspaper in the lyceum she is studies. The publication had been edited monthly for two years. Then, she frequented radio journalism courses at Youth Media Centre. Tatiana confesses that so she realised that she possessed an affinity for this branch of the mass media: ?I like more the radio because you can hear yourself. I was very excited, especially at the first radio show. Then I tried to transform the flaws into qualities.? Tatiana relates she wasn?t accustomed to hear the voice at the radio. It was a little bit modified, monotonous. In time, she managed to appreciate it. The teenager maintains that she aims for a career in radio journalism.


The voluntariate. Tatiana is the least volunteer at Media Centre. She affirms that sometimes she perceives herself a child, comparing with her colleagues from the radio.  She remembers her first radio subject, realized with the psychologist of her lyceum: ?I was very excited, I had some technical problems, I had to record twice that interview. Finally, everything was alright.? Her parents organized a little festivity in order to celebrate her debut: ?My parents are very proud of me. They want me firstly to enjoy what I?m doing. They realized that I?m interested in this, so they are interested too.? Since then, Tatiana involved a lot in the realising of the radio show ?Lab of he Youth?. The girl participated twice in radio shows on air. Besides this, she asserts: ?I enjoy more a mounted radio show, because when I?m on air I?m too excited.?


The leader?s spirit. How to get along the activity at the radio with the one in school? Tatiana has found the right balance: ?I want to set a radio station in my lyceum. This will bring a lot of advantages, including informing about the problems we face daily. We consider that pupils are interested in this, even elated.? The initiative group is formed of ten persons. Tatiana affirms she is the most suitable for the role of radio manager: ?I have experience. I want to continue to realize radio shows, to become professional indeed. Somehow, I consider myself to be a professional already, because not a lot of people have done what I did at my age.? What is for sure is that Tatiana has attributed a sense to her life. If your life hasn?t got a sense, you?ve got only way out: to find that unique sense?

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