March 20, 2005

ARTICLES / PROJECTS: Young volunteers learn to unleash media (UK)

VOLUNTEER Media Birmingham, 25/2/2005, 10:03am
More than 100 young volunteers were today taking part in a pioneering course which aims to show them how to unleash the power of the media.

A series of dynamic youngsters who all run their own voluntary groups are meeting in Birmingham to learn how to best promote their efforts to the local community.

The youths, who are all members of the Youth Action Network, are taking part in The Big Picture event as part of the Year of the Volunteer campaign's "Youth and Children" month.

In an exciting variety of lively workshops, young people from around the country will share ideas and be shown the best way to attract media attention for their projects - whether it be through television, radio or print.

Youth Action Network chief executive, Lianne Picot, said: "The Big Picture is an exciting opportunity for young people to influence the delivery of the Year of the Volunteer by developing ideas for promoting volunteering to their peers.

"Young people are taking part in volunteering every day in their local communities, so the Year of the Volunteer campaign is a fantastic opportunity to promote their contributions - and help others access the benefits of being involved."

In the morning, groups of young people will showcase the youth action projects they are involved in, followed by a discussion of practical ways in which personal interests can be turned into youth action projects.

In the afternoon they will get the chance to take part in a variety of workshops to show young volunteers how to market their projects and encourage others to take part.

These will include the production of a radio jingle and the development of a brand for youth action - plus how to make a video, write a magazine feature, and write a press release.

Some of the best ideas will be used by Youth Action Network and media partners throughout the year. The event will be filmed by the CSV Media Clubhouse in Birmingham, and the video used to attract new volunteers.

The Youth Action Network supports hundreds of youth-led projects across the country, ranging from supporting young mothers in the north-east to working on the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Ms Picot added: "Volunteering enables thousands of young people across the country to become active in their own time, meet other young people, gain skills, have fun and put into reality their ideas and priorities that are of benefit to their own communities.

"At the heart of Youth Action is giving young people real opportunities to play a key role in the design, delivery and evaluation of projects."

Year of the Volunteer 2005 is led by a partnership between CSV and the Volunteering England Consortium, and is supported by the Home Office.

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