March 9, 2005

ARTICLES / EVENTS: Stark dose at Malmö's BUFF (SWEDEN)


Swedish author Ulf Stark will be focus at this year?s BUFF ? Sweden?s International Children and Youth Film Festival in Malmö ? which has 101 films in this years programme launched yesterday (Tuesday, 8 March)

Swedish author Ulf Stark, who has scripted a score of features ? and whose latest book, Min vän Percy, Buffalo Bill & jag (My Friend Percy, Buffalo Bill & I), was nominated for an August award ? will be in focus at this year?s BUFF-Sweden?s International Children and Youth Film Festival in Malmö, which started its six-day run yesterday (Tuesday, 8 March).

Stark, who has another two films in the pipeline ? Danish director Rumle Hammerich?s Unge Andersen (Young Andersen), about Hans Christian Andersen as a young dog; and Swedish director Anders Gustafsson?s screen adaption of Min vän Percy, Buffalo Bill & jag ? has been allocated a retrospective of five features between 1989-1994.

Gustafsson and producer Anne Ingvar, of Nordisk Film Production, will arrive directly from final cut of their film in Copenhagen for Thursday?s presentation of Stark?s third story about the two 11-year-old school mates, Ulf and Percy. The first two were made for television by Swedish director Clas Lindberg and Norwegian director Martin Asphaug.

?Stark has been a regular at BUFF. His retrospective is a celebration of the good screenplay, and the films he has realised with creative directors such as Hammerich and Gustafsson,? said festival director Lennart Ström, who has this year programmed a total of 101 films for the event, including 24 local titles.

Four Nordic productions are among the right entries in the international competition, including Danish directors Stefan Fjeldmark, Thorbjörn Christoffersen and Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen?s CGI-animated Terkel i knibe (Terkel in Trouble), Norwegian director Torun Lian?s Ikke naken (The Colour of Milk), Swedish directors Filippa Freijd, Martin Jern, Emil Larsson and Henrik Norrthon?s Fjorton suger (Fourteen Sucks) and Henrik Georgsson`s Sandor slash Ida.

A sidebar of New Young Swedish Films comprises 10 films by directors who have not yet had their feature debuts, while seven features and documentaries from the Nordic countries are screening in New Nordic Cinema. Special programmes will introduce Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg?s Institute for Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Post-Production in Germany as well as the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School in Israel.

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