February 4, 2005



Mazuba Mwiinga
  At last something is coming around the corner. You might agree with
me that children have always been delicate assets of our world
communities. No wonder the United Nations formed an organ looking at
their plight - UNICEF. Much as a lot of things and programmes have
been done to do with children, their voice has been heard from the
background. Its either someone does something for them or dictates
their choices. And child rights activists will tell you that this is
child exploitation.

  Can you now imagine listening to a child sharing his or her views
independently on radio without someone putting words in their mouths?
It could sound quite ambitious to some, but this is what 2005 is
looking forward to on Radio Chikuni. Suggested as the best idea for
Interactive Radio Instructions (IRI) Campaign Programmes for 2005
under the Education Development Centre (EDC), 'Our Talk' will be the
first radio programme in Zambia to be hosted by children. As if that
is not enough, this programme will be hosted not just by children but
IRI or Taonga Learners.

  These are children who could not go to formal schools for various
reasons, among them being lack of money due to poverty, traditional
beliefs, having no one willing to sponsor them and other logistical
hindrances. Called Ijwi Lyesu in Tonga, the programme producers, who
are children themselves, will be hosting fellow children to discuss
various issues that are affecting their daily lives.

  The executive producers will just be helping them identify the
issues and how to present the programme. This is in an effort to give
them time to share their thoughts, hopes, visions and ideas to the
development of their communities. It begins on Friday 17:30hrs
starting January 15, 2005. As they always say that children are the
leaders of tomorrow, 'Our Talk' will be shaping and tidying the path
for their ideal. As Jesus said "the brick that the builders ignored
became the most sought for later. "Today's rejects are tomorrow's

  You may get the story from our website http://www.chikuniradio.org

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