February 2, 2005

OPPORTUNITIES: Millennium Campaign Western Europe Regional Youth Editor

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Millennium Campaign Western Europe Regional Youth Editor

TakingITGlobal is seeking a ?Millennium Campaign Western Europe Regional Youth Editor? for a 12-month position, to engage young people in the Western European Region in the UN?s Millennium Campaign to eliminate extreme global poverty by 2015.

TakingITGlobal has formed a partnership with the United Nations Millennium Campaign which inspires and encourages people?s involvement and action for the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). An initiative of the United Nations, the Campaign supports citizens? efforts to hold their government to account for the Millennium promise.
Acknowledging the important role young people are playing in achieving the MDGs, the partnership aims at empowering young people to add their voice to the global fight against poverty and campaign around MDGs in their local community.

The Millennium Campaign Western Europe Regional Youth Editor will be mainly concerned with managing, creating, and editing content that is aimed at engaging TakingITGlobal members and young people in Western Europe around the Millennium Development Goals. The majority of this activity is involved with the preparation and follow-up of the TIG monthly theme on MDGs, which will be launched on the first of April. It also includes recruiting a team of regional writers and soliciting articles, interviews and other written pieces on MDGs from them.

Job Description
? Develop content on MDGs through conducting interviews, writing articles and soliciting articles from youth writers
? Review existing content on the TIG website (Panorama publication and events calendar) and flag if related to MDGs
? Contribute to the creation of a TIG monthly theme on MDGs which will be launched in April and support the translation of the theme
? Research existing activities, programs and efforts on MDGs and ensure stories are written and posted on website
? Facilitate/moderate regional discussions on MDGs within the TakingITGlobal website
? Raise awareness of MDGs by giving presentations in schools, at conferences and events
? Organize Open Forums to engage local youth in discussions about how to achieve the MDGs
? Attend meetings and consultations with organizations engaged in the Millennium Campaign and encourage other youth (individuals and organizations) to become involved in national campaigns or to develop their own local campaigns
? Encourage and approve articles written by young people that can be published/broadcasted in local, regional and/or national media (newspapers, magazines, radio etc.); facilitate the publication of those articles
? Translate selected articles written in a local language into English

The position starts on February 7, 2005.

Experience Sought

Required Skills & Qualifications
? Candidates should be based in the Millennium Campaign priority country Austria
? Experience in working or volunteering with youth or student organizations, civil society groups and/or UN agencies
? Strong Communication Skills both oral and written
? Fluency in English and German
? Frequent access to the internet
? Currently studying at a program in college/university or a recent graduate
? Given the youth focus of the campaign the ideal candidate should be under 30 years of age
? Commitment to poverty reduction and awareness of Millennium Development Goals
? Strong teamwork skills (especially in virtual teams) and demonstration of both creativity and initiative
? Experience in developing local, national or regional campaigns on issues of relevance to youth is highly valuable

Application Process
Please submit the following documents by e-mail to the address below:
1. Resume highlighting educational, work and volunteer experiences and qualifications
2. Cover Letter highlighting why you are the right candidate for this position
3. Writing sample in English and additional language (if fluent) discussing experiences that are most relevant to the position in addition to providing recommendations on how to engage youth in advocacy campaigning around development issues such as the MDGs. Also, outline any ideas you might have of strategies that can be undertaken by youth in your region to achieve the MDGs. (1-2 pages)
4. Reference Letter from an educational, volunteer or work contact.
5. Recent Transcript from your latest educational experience (digital copy or fax), if possible

Additional notes:
? The position is considered to be part-time (at least one day a week)
? A small honorarium on a monthly basis as well as support for local travel and accommodation costs will be provided
? Office space or computers will not be provided
? The Western Europe Regional Youth Editor will be part of a team of editors based in different regions of the world


Franziska Seel, Millennium Campaign Youth Editor and Communications Coordinator - mdg@takingitglobal.org

The application period for this position will be closing on Jan 30, 2005.

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