January 24, 2005

OPPORTUNITIES: International Essay Competition 2005 for YOUTH

“Building a Secure Future Seeking Practical Solutions”

What are the biggest obstacles you face in your daily life?
What practical solutions would you propose to build a secure future for yourself and others?"

Winning essays will be chosen for their originality, clarity and use of thoughtful yet concrete proposals for building a secure future. You are free to develop your essay in any way you find to be the most convincing.

The following approaches may give you some guidance in structuring your answer to the second essay question.

Personal Reflection
Describe your own personal efforts to solve a problem or grapple with a specific issue (through volunteer work or other type of involvement), showing 1) how your work changed your own life or the lives of others, and 2) how those solutions can be adapted to helping others facing the same challenges.

Policy Analysis
Essays in this category could focus on a particular organization or public policy. The goal of the essay would be to show to what extent the work of an organization or a policy has been effective in building a more secure future by addressing issues such as unemployment, homelessness, hunger, gender violence etc. The essays should include concrete recommendations on how a particular project or program can be improved or reformed to have greater impact.

Academic Inquiry
This approach may appeal to students of life sciences (biology, engineering, environment, etc.) or economics, but also of philosophy and history. It may be used describe how new technologies might be used to build a more secure future (for example, environmental solutions or agricultural solutions) in their country. Students of history could use historical precedent or example to build proposals; students of philosophy could look at the response of different philosophical traditions to problems of insecurity and explore reasons for their relevance today.

We invite you to make a critical use of analyses from major sources, including, but by no means limited to, the following sources.

Remember to cite any sources you use.

Are you:

•  A young person between 18 and 25 years old?

•  Not enrolled in a PhD program?

If you answer ‘YES' to all of the questions, then you can participate in the Essay Competition !!

SOURCE: http://www.essaycompetition.org/EN/C004/doc01/EMS/cms/data/EN/C004/doc01/EMS/cms/data/EN/C004/doc01/detailedDocument

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