January 4, 2005

NEWS / PROJECTS: Interns and Youth Producers Wanted for MNN Youth Channel

Interns and Youth Producers Wanted for MNN Youth Channel

Manhattan Neighborhood NetworkÂ?s Youth Channel is seeking interns and youth producers for this upcoming year.
(Applications for Internship and Defense Against Media Nonsense)

Individuals interested or involved in media arts and creating videos about social and political issues that matter to young people are encouraged to apply to the Manhattan Neigborhood NetworkÂ?s Youth Channel Internship.  The Youth Channel offers interns flexible scheduling, hands-on learning experience, and prime expose to public access cable television with emphasis on media literacy for youth.  

Defense Against Media Nonsense:
The MNN Youth Channel seeks youth who are interested in joining the Defense Against Media Nonsense production team.  We are looking for young people with an interest in media, politics, community issues, and making video, however, no prior experience is required. Becoming part of the D.A.M.N. YC News team is an opportunity for youth to learn to utilize media tools to investigate the world and reclaim the airwaves from the mainstream media. Selected individuals will join a team of youth responsible for producing a monthly 1/2-hour show from start to finish and participating in other YC productions.

Defense Against Media Nonsense is NYC's only monthly video magazine produced entirely by youth, for youth.  It airs on Time Warner Channel 34 and RCN channel 107, in Manhattan. Selected segments are submitted to youth film festivals and shared with other youth media organizations and cable access stations across the country.


Please feel free to contact MNN Youth Channel if you have any questions, concerns or need more information.
Cynthia Carrion
Outreach Coordinator
MNN Youth Channel
537 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
Tel.(212) 757-2670 x 330
Fax (212) 757-1603  
AOL Time Warner 34 & RCN 107 in Manhattan

Media made by youth, for youth
Youth Channel Mission: The Youth Channel is a division of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) targeting youth under 25.  It provides an alternative to mass media and offers equal access to all young people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or social status. The Youth Channel strives to build confidence, establish role models, inform, educate, and  entertain. It  empowers youth create change within their communities and the world.  The Youth Channel is run by adults and youth who want to make a difference.

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