December 10, 2004

Macedonian OneMinutesJr NOW ONLINE

All the films are on the project website,
Here are the direct links to the OneMinutesJr films from the workshop in Skopje, November 2004.
home sweet home - by besart saliu
can you tell me anything about child rights??? - by bojan petrovski
blind date - by ardiana qamili
my diary - by neda damcevska
sparks - by marija bejkova
show me love - by daniel kalajdzieski
no clue cartoon - by denis baftijari
think before you drink - by dejan ristov
confessions - by sukran demirova
still one of us - by tomislav starovski
no friends, no family, no fun - by dushko jovanovski
life - by stojce stamenkovski
running for cover - by kirill jovanov
gambling - by melida muarem
street dreams - by osman bajram
being rich is nothing... - by hatixhe emruli
don't just pass by... - by eduardo huskanovic
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