December 8, 2004

EVENTS / PROJECTS: Youth experimental film festival "2ANNAS" (Riga, Latvia)

Youth experimental film festival Â?2ANNAS"

The youth experimental film festival Â?2ANNASÂ? first took place in 1995 at Tehniskās Jaunrades Nams (House of Technical Creation) in Riga. The event was carried out as a modest film screening for the studio members (mostly youngsters and kids). As the festival became an annual event each year more and more participants submitted their shorts, documentaries, animation films and video art pieces.

By now, more than 400 films made by amateurs in different studios, art schools and universities all around Latvia, have been shown in the festival. With the help of the State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) of Latvia, home page and the volume of festivalÂ?s best films are created. The Festival is organized by film studio Â?UrgaÂ? together with House of Technical Creation.

The symbol of festival Â?2ANNASÂ? Â? the so-called Â?Stone-Age VenusÂ? - reflects about the dual nature of culture: one ANNA stands for the familiar, polished, creative part of it, the other stands for the mysterious, surprising, destructive part. Nowadays, when borders between traditional disciplines of cinema fade out, this symbol gains a new meaning: one ANNA could be regarded as hand drown animation and low-tech film editing tradition, the other Â? as digital cinema, software and new communication technologies.

The screenings of festival usually are presented in cinemas across Riga. Each year a jury formed of well-known Latvian film critics, producers and filmmakers closely looks through and rates the audiovisual works. 

In 2005, May 28 - 29 festival is going to take place in former Riga Film studio. During the Soviet times it was the place here all Latvian films were made, from idea becoming reality, the most lively and creative place for Latvian cinema. After Latvia  gained independence under new economical conditions this place has been almost abandoned. Â?2ANNAS 2005Â? will try to revive it during the two days of film screenings, workshops in filmmaking, experimental online project, animation, discussions, VJ battles and similar activities.

Our intention is to enrich the next yearÂ?s festival program with films made by young filmmakers from foreign contries. Therefore, organizations supporting youth and children filmmaking activities as well as interested filmmakers under age 28 are welcomed to contact the festival organizers and submit their works until the May 1, 2005.
From the submitted works selection will be made in three categories: children works, teenager works and young adultsÂ? works.

All kinds of audiovisual genres are accepted.

The length of the works must not exceed 30 minutes.

The works must be submitted in following formats: Beta, DV, DVD. VHS. The submitted works will not be returned to the sender. Festival Â?2ANNASÂ? holds all rights to demonstrate and use the works for its purposes.
Applicants must fill out application form, which could be found by clicking on following link:
NB! Works involving excessive violence will not be accepted.
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