November 25, 2004

RESOURCES: Youth and the Millenium Development Goals

Excerpt from "YOUTH AND THE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation / Interim Report of the Ad Hoc Working Group for Youth and the MDGs" - downloadable at

"Youth Media Network: Information is critical for development and tangible support should be provided for the thousands of existing, successful youth-media  initiatives around the world Â? including technology tools, training, and financial resources. The creation of networks to allow sharing of stories and cross-pollination of reporting would increase audiences and enhance influence and impact. Emphasis might also be placed on education that bridges a youthÂ?s experience with youth media with involvement in mainstream independent journalism."


This Report was inspired by a meeting in April 2004 with Professor Jeffrey Sachs at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UN CSD) focusing on the MDGs. At that meeting, the chair of the UN CSD Youth Caucus asked him how the Millennium Project was going to involve young people as partners. He replied, "You tell us."

As a result of this invitation, an international team of youth experts from various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worked together to formulate this Report. It is the result of hours of research, input based on the experience and expertise of taskforce members, consultation with other organizations, and a 3-week online consultation with over 350 youth from around the world.

These questions are aimed to help structure your feedback. You are welcome to send an email with questions to:

*You may submit comments in languages other than English, though unfortunately we are not able to provide translation of the paper at this time.

You are welcome to provide general comments on email, or you may fill out the form to provide more detailed comments for each section of the report. You are encouraged to send your feedback as soon as possible, as a final redrafting of this paper is aimed for completion in February 2005.

The Ad Hoc Working Group on Youth and the MDGs wishes to thank the United Nations Programme on Youth in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) for their assistance in preparing this report.


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