November 23, 2004

OneMinutesJr awards 2004 announced - Meet Narineh (13) from Armenia & Tatiana (19) from Romania

Pictures, profiles and - of course - the films are at

Congratulations to the winners Narineh and Tatiana, but also to all other nominees and those who participated!



Award Ceremony Speech - by Moldovanyi Ferenc

Â?We had a chance to witness a very interesting encounter while watching the contestants' films made for the OneMinutesJr. The encounter of a form requiring a very to-the-point expression on film and creative attitude with a young fresh spirited generation sensitive to the problems of the world. Young people in their teens made one-minute works from all over the world, Armenia, Iceland, Moldavia, Sweden and Kyrgyzstan just to mention some.

All credit goes to UNICEF, the European Cultural Fund and the Sandberg Institute for this two year initiative, the One Minutes Festival opening its gates wide for teenagers who have met the challenge and tested their own talent with this demanding but exciting task. There are certainly some for whom making a film has been a wonderful adventure and there are others for whom it meant the beginning of a serious - and maybe long-termrelationship.

Whichever the case, I believe that it is essential that young people express their views, feelings and standpoint, that they explore the world through one of the most important tools of communication: motion pictures. The films competed in two categories "Best of World" with 34 and "Inside Out" with 32 contestants. The pre-selection - of about 200 works - was performed by BBC and Swedish Television. Extra thanks for the great work they have done!

The Jury did not have an easy job choosing the seven filmmakers for each category that is the nominees of this extremely manifold team. Finally when selecting the nominees we aimed at preserving and reflecting the richness of approach, message and filmmakers' attitude. Fourteen young filmmakers from ten countries are the finalists for the two main awards.

The films of both categories have shown proof of an astonishingly acute sense of social justice and justice on the whole, an honest, critical and responsible attitude to reality. They have spoken up for tolerance, social inclusion and important human values such as tolerance and pacifism expressing demand for a violence-free world. To my mind the seven talented nominees of both categories are winners, as they are all here to present their films, and we are winners as well to have the chance of seeing them.

However, as the rules are rules, we had to choose, not an easy task: Twice seven nominees and two of them shall become the award winners of the Best of World and Inside Out categories in 2004. How does an apple compare to grapes? How does one compare bugs making love in a condom a very witty anti-AIDS work to another film against racism and social segregation?

Or let's take a work cleverly calling for children's rights, full of humour and another very expressive one evoking a night in an orphanage full of anxiety. And there is the smart film against smoking and how about the lyrical work touching upon the subject of supporting the seriously ill. And we still had to decide: I can hear a voice, a child's voice in the night, a silent prayer:

" Dear angel, sent to me by God - I am asking you to teach me how to do good. - I am small, make me big, I am weak make me strong - Please save me from evil.."


".. Dear Lord in heavens.."

This is a voice in an orphanageÂ?

The winner of the Inside Out category of One Minutes Jr. 2004 is: Tatiana Panait with her film "Sleeping at the orphanage"

The film operates with simple tools and a very powerful atmosphere. The way it speaks up against hurting the children, the weak, defenceless ones and against senseless violence leaves a deep impression. Although this prayer is said in an orphanage it echoes in many parts of the world where children suffer abuse. This prayer is said for them too. A very talented and very important work the images of which won't leave us.

And now we come to announcing the winner of the "Best of World" category of One Minutes Jr.:
There were lyrical moments, films full of momentum, a fresh look, powerful and dynamic shots. There was warmth and sarcasm in these talented works. From
"Carousel" to "Revolution" to "Chalk-painting" from "Mafiosi" to "Scars" and "Lost Communication", and "Blip!". And the winner of the "Best of World" category is:  Narineh Daneghyan's film "Chalk-painting"

A beautiful lyrical film with puritanical artistic tools and a convincing knowledge of the profession conveying a metaphorical message with talent. Let's leave the islands of play and the possibility for self-expression untouched and not only on the big city pavements but all around our planet as well. I believe this is the mission, OneMinutesJr. festival wishes to achieve and that's the secret of its success. Let's preserve these peaceful islands moreover let's create some more!

I thank you for your attention and my heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees and the winners.Â?


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